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Walgreens Pet Vaccine Locator

No exam fees. No appointments. Just quality care for your pet at one of these convenient locations.

Walgreens Packages & Prices

Our products come straight from the manufacturer, so we can offer you many packages and choices to help make sure your pet stays healthy…at affordable savings up to 70%! Packages Starting at $67.


Walgreens Pet Vaccine Clinic by Shot Vet

Shot Vet is proud to work in partnership with Walgreens to provide low cost pet vaccines at select Walgreens Pet Vaccine Clinic each weekend. The savings and value vets and Shot Vet staff provide to each pet owner at Walgreens Pet Vaccine Clinic is substantial. Walgreens Pet Vaccine Clinic offers rabies vaccine as well as complete vaccine packages for dogs and cats. We pride ourselves on friendly service and work hard to keep our prices low at Walgreens Pet Vaccine Clinic. At Walgreens pet shots are offered at hundreds of locations each month. We conveniently bring our pet caravans to stores near you making the process simple and easy. Pets love the experience and owners love our prices! Please search below to find the nearest Walgreens Shot Vet location. Walgreens Pet Vaccine Clinic for dog vaccines and cats vaccines are provided by Shot Vet.

Alarm clocks. Running partners. Friday night movie pals. Our pets are so many things to us, taking up a big part of our lives. So we got to thinking, “what if we could provide a better vaccination and preventative experience for both the pet lover and the pets they love?”

Voila…Shot Vet.

With Shot Vet we believe quality pet care doesn’t have to be so difficult. Or pricey. Or even stressful. We have the same state-licensed vets you’d find at a traditional animal hospital, but with more affordable prices. And since our whole reason is to bring this affordable care to you, you’ll find that we are typically just around the corner from where you live. So the entire process of taking care of your pet is more convenient for the both of you.

Pet is healthy. Owners are happy. And that is a good thing. Find out more how Shot Vet is making pet care a better experience.


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